The Port Marina is the nation’s first state-of-the art dry stack marina located just off the 17th Street Causeway in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Proven automated technology for more than 10 years. The laser quidded computer controlled bridge crane provides consistent and repeatable positioning within the rack.  No more, dragging, pushing, or forcing boats into position.  This technology ensures delivery without human error.  All dry stack slips are independently owned.

The Port Marina's Unsurpassed Features

The Port Marina is a Maffstack designed and engineered facility and is a hidden gem among boat owners. The facility houses 125 slips elevated in a 4 story category four hurricane protected condominium marina.. Boaters are no longer required to take unnecessary risks leaving their boats docked in the water or having them be picked up and damaged by forklift operated marinas. The debris left by diesel exhaust no longer covers your boat.

The touch screen driven, fully automated system stores a range of boats from a 22’ Cobalt to a 52’ Custom Spencer and virtually every boat in between. West wall racks accommodate boats up to 42’ in length while east wall racks will allow up to 52’ length. The storage cradle accommodates boats with a maximum weight capacity of 35,000 lbs.

A simple call to the marina and your boat is valet driven and docked by a well-seasoned staff. Ready to go upon your arrival. Families enjoy the clubhouse where they can view the lift in action or simply enjoy the views of the boats passing by through the canal. The facility includes free Wi-Fi, ice, bathrooms with full showers, covered parking, storage lockers, fish cleaning area and a beautiful outdoor sitting area.

When you are done enjoying your boat, it is rinsed in the Port’s automated wash system and the scum line is scrubbed from the boat hull. The motors are then flushed with fresh water and your boat is stored and ready for your next venture. No worries.

Boating in Fort Lauderdale

The Port Marina is only 10 minutes to the ocean and is within walking distance to many of Fort Lauderdale’s finest hotels, restaurants, and shopping.

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A dry stack facility like no other! The Port Marina in Fort Lauderdale prides itself in being number one in dry stack storage!